The Great Gatsby – Almost the shallowest point in the ocean of superficiality

Of course, this is one of the most influential novels of the 20th century. It does not include characters. There are shadows which, given their total lack of depth, would have been peaks if there wasn’t the small detail that they are not capable of highness either. There is no plot. “Nothing” happens, not provoked by “no one”. There are no messages. This was just the absurd scribbling of the author who was just as superficial as his characters.

Jay Gatsby. One would think that if you are going to come up with a new personality which does not reflect the truth, you would create a remarkable individual. The main character did not agree with this view. The ordinary worm James Gets had transformed into the ordinary worm Jay Gatsby. Metamorphosis does not work like this.

Gatsby thought he was in love with Daisy. A totally dead person cannot fall in love. An even deader person cannot be an object of falling in love. The blindness caused by fake shine is not called love. Crawling before money and before the twisted pleasures of spineless blood-drinking monsters cannot be romantic selflessness in the name of winning the woman of your life.

Daisy. Could anyone blame her? She did not go to the funeral of a man whom she did not love and who did not love her. She could not have done anything else. She was only and truly herself. She made the unworthy choice. She betrayed the two men in her life. She did not face the consequences of her actions. This is the most natural thing in the world. Every other completely empty creature would have done the same.

Also, I want to correct one misunderstanding. This novel does not represent the destruction of the American dream. It actually represents the American dream in its most common form. When people go to America searching for “opportunities, freedom, and happiness”, they mean precisely cheap money, debauchery, and shallow relationships. Gatsby’s guests live their dream. They are not to blame for not showing loyalty or friendship. These qualities simply do not exist in them. They stay there as long as the host serves their desires and as soon as the party is over they go to someone else. Because this is the true meaning of their “opportunities, freedom, and happiness”.

Maybe I should explain why this novel is almost the shallowest point in the ocean of superficiality. In order to be “the most” in any area, you need to show at least a bit of strength. Here, we did not have such a thing.

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