People went beyond good and evil

Congratulations, people. You did it. You went beyond good and evil.

And which dichotomy did you choose?

Right and wrong, as you should have?

Superior and inferior? No!

You chose legal and illegal.

You had no choice. It was the most undignified, the most humiliating, the most inherent to slaves option. It reflected all of your preferences.

When someone wants to do something, you don’t say anymore even: it is unjust/ it is dangerous/ it is immoral/ it is bad. You are only interested in whether it is legal. It does not matter whether it is good and just.

You refused to be ruled by the living – a god, a king, dictator. You chose to be ruled by death. You stopped them from taking your freedom away from you. You decided to renounce it yourself.

And for what?

For one reason only. So that everyone may serve just as you currently do. Wanting security and safety for yourself comes second. Your biggest fear is that someone will be truly free. Because this will mean that you can be free too but you are too weak to do it.

Today, perhaps the law allows you to breathe. What are you going to do tomorrow when this isn’t so anymore?

Tomorrow, having your own thought will be a crime. Being different from the rest will simply be a mistake in the System to be fixed. Being better will be punished by death through parasitism.

You gave each point of your world to the governments. Within them, you divided the land into pieces and sold it. You poisoned your water. You destroyed your own forests. You gave your air to the industry. You betrayed every other species on the planet. You chose not to see the stars at night.

You don’t want them? Fine.


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