RuPaul’s Drag Race” All Stars 3 – the final

In theory “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is a competition where the most important thing are the abilities. It is supposed to support individualism, showing to the audience that talent and will cannot be restricted by what society thinks. But as we all saw, in All Stars 3 happened exactly the opposite.

Trixie did not deserve to win. She slept through the first part of the race and then woke up just to yawn. Her failures were way too many and her victories were even more boring than her losses. The only reason for her to be crowned was her popularity on the outside. Yes, people like her. Yes, usually she is funny and interesting. But nobody cares. During the competition, she did absolutely nothing. Trixie did not win because of her abilities, she won because the masses like her.

From the final four, Trixie was the worst and she won.  Therefore it makes sense that Kennedy was also in Top 2 because she was the other one that did not deserve it. Here the blame falls entirely on Ru. When you let people vote, the result is always patheticness. Did we really let the eliminated bitter queens decide who has the right to fight for the title? That is absurd! No one ever succeeded in life by asking the masses about their opinions. And to preach such brutal collectivism in a place which is supposed to show that expressing yourself is the most important thing is more than cynical.

Without a doubt, Top 2 are Shangela and Bebe. So, of course, the voters chose the other two. And they based their decision on super interesting arguments. Bebe has high self-esteem so we will not vote for her. Shangela is talented but the others need this win more than her. Here communism was in total triumph. The winner was determined not by abilities, but by needs. The so-called jury was consumed by its weakness and chose mediocrity to go to the finals, denying the right of talent.

Bebe is a finalist. She has a presence, she has different energy and she is a professional. She brought an unusual taste to the competition and when she was on stage, Trixie and Kennedy did not exist.

Shangela is the obvious winner. She proved herself in every single challenge. She worked hard to get to the level where she is today. She has the most glamorous personality. She was fun and inventive and she delivered every week. That was her season. She was so much ahead of the others that the final episode should have been just a formality where we give her the crown and we go home. But unfortunately, people preferred mediocrity.

One of the queens kills all challenges, the other one does nothing but people like her. Hmmm. A difficult choice indeed.  And to show how absurd this situation is, the Universe gave us a lip sync between the real and the fake winner in which Shangela slew Trixie and left her to die under her heels.

Taking the victory away from Shangela shows that people are against society only because they are rejected by it. But once they come to the top, they start riding the System and laugh in oblivion, denying the power of the individual.

Shangela won this season and that is a fact. And the individual has the courage to admit the facts. The rest does not matter.

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