Avengers: Age of Ultron – Who will save mankind?

A few days from now Marvel will inundate us with another wave of propaganda. So let’s remember how exactly they tried to manipulate us last time.

Let’s first look at the title of the previous movie: The Age of Ultron. Since Ultron existed for only a few days it is safe to say that this was not an “age”. But the era of artificial intelligence created by some idiot trying to protect the world which will attempt to destroy the human species later is in real life. And it is now.

The hero, the fun, interesting, brave Tony Stark wants to save mankind by creating a shield around it. Such a thing could only occur to a twisted wicked creature without a shade of dignity. And of course, Stark’s only argument is that the Earth is weak. By creating a shield, Stark would isolate the planet from the whole Universe. He plans to lock it in a cage without any contact with other species. The Earth will not be allowed to develop, will not be able to face any challenges. All of its chances for dying will be destroyed, which automatically means that it won’t have any chances to live either.

Tony Stark’s plan cannot go without a super-intelligent robot because, as we all know, in movies and books people are no good for anything.

Ultron transformed into an evil machine aiming to destroy mankind. But let’s see about how many things he was right before that.

Ultron’s first words towards the Avengers were: “You want to protect the world but you don’t want it to change. How is humanity saved if it’s not allowed to evolve?” I could not have said it better myself. Everyone who cares about humanity would address them with the same words.

Captain America said: “Ultron thinks we’re what’s wrong with the world.” And he’s right again. The most powerful people on earth who have developed beyond the borders of the possible and who have taken the future of the world in their hands are actually a group of talentless collectivists who wonder how to crawl before the law to the best of their ability.

Ultron participated in another utterly interesting dialogue. Ultron: “There’s no room for the weak.” Pietro: “And who decides who’s weak?” Ultron: “Life. Life always decides.” No one can deny this statement. The process is called evolution and all earthly species have survived until now because of it. The weak becomes a victim one way or another, the strong one continues to live as long as this is his goal.

Of course, the character who said the most truthful lines in the movies soon denied his love for mankind and started dreaming for a world made of metal. But this is not something that could surprise us in Marvel’s universe.

But the worst thing is still about to happen. The Avengers decided that they cannot defeat Ultron on their own and created Vision. And then all leaving creatures shivered from horror. Vision was the supreme incarnation of the non-existence. And as such, he got to save the world.

The total denial of everything introduced himself with the absolute self-defining sentence “I am”. Then he added that he is on the side of life. But Vision is the utter rejection of all aspects of life: the Self, the fight, the risk, the choice, the unknown.

Vision differed from the rest in his opinion of Ultron by saying: “He’s unique and he’s in pain.” Again, the only one who could give a complete judgment of Ultron was the only one who is more dangerous than him.


The Avengers, Ultron, and Vision wanted to save humanity. But it is about time to ask ourselves why in each movie “the people” play the role of spineless wimps whose only ability is to shiver from fear in some hole. Why doesn’t anyone go to Tony Stark to inform him: “It would be insulting to me if you are my savior.” Why doesn’t anyone look at Ultron and say: “Seriously?” Why doesn’t anyone stand up and state: “I will fight for my own life and my own planet.”

“Avengers” is created as a propaganda tool and its task is to prevent people from evolving. This is clear. But who can save mankind? The individual.

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