Fictional characters enemies of the Revolution


O’Brien – because he chose the System even though he could see the rebellion


A Tale of Two Cities

Therese Defarge – because, in spite of her power, she was not able to go beyond mass guillotinage


American Horror Story

Donovan – because he betrayed absolutely everything in his life

Delphine LaLaurie – because she is a sick racist

Marie Laveau – because she thought that there can be a good reason to keep someone buried alive for a hundred years


Angels and Demons

Carlo Ventresca – because he was willing to fake a miracle


Atlas Shrugged

John Galt – because he wanted to stop the engine of the world

Hank Rearden –  because he thinks that wild nature needs a billboard

Dagny Taggart – because she betrayed the world and because she managed to slip below all men in her life

Ragnar Danneskjöld – because he is the policeman of Objectivism

Dr. Ferris –  because of Project X and the torture device

Eddie Willers –  because the only thing he did was serving the strong ones

James Taggart – because he thinks that he has the right of weakness

Lillian Rearden – because she does not want anything

Richard Halley –  because he believes that the men of art are businessmen

Hugh Akston – because all of his ideological children are spiritually dead

Midas Mulligan –  because he is one of the creators of Galt’s Gulch and because he thinks that he lives according to the principle of love

Mr Thompson – because he waited for someone else to do something

Cuffy Meigs – because he activated Project X

Hank’s mother –  because she calls weakness and jouncing love

Philip Rearden – because he wanted to live from Hank’s achievements

Robert Stadler – because he denied his beliefs and because he let the world use his genius for spiritual death

Orren Boyle –  because he wants to be equal in aspects in which he is not

Ivy Starnes – because she is a baggy Buddha

Balph Eubank – because he thinks that there should be a quota of 10,000 units for book sales

Simon Pritchett – because he thinks that the duty of the philosopher is to prove that nothing can be known

Wesley Mouch – because of his economic believes



Miles Quaritch – because he existed only as a denial of reality

Parker Selfridge – because he is a weak fool



Tony Stark – because he crawls before the law and because he wants to build a shield around the Earth

Vision – because he is the total non-existence



Batman – because he is a rich cop


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly – because when she finally understood that she and her cat belong to each other, it was too late



Ilsa – because she was pretending that her pathetic feelings can be called “love”


Dead Poets Society

Cameron – because he chose submission

Mister Perry – because nothing could wake him up


Desperate Housewives

Orson Hodge – because of his letter to the police

George Williams – because he was obsessed with Bree

Danielle – because she is superficial and because she took Bree’s child

Gloria Hodge – because she thought that she had the right to control her son’s life


Doctor Strange

The Ancient One – because she believed that the most important lesson in the Universe is: “You are not the important one”

Kaecilius – because he wanted to destroy the world of the I


El Internado

Roque- because he chose his weakness in front of everyone he cared about

Noiret – because of his cruelty and because of his attitude towards Ivan

Santiago Pazos – because he was not strong enough to let his daughter die and because of the experiments with people


Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia – because she is a total doormat

Christian – because he does not want the woman beside him to have her own world


Finding Nemo

Darla – because she kills her pets


Game of Thrones (movie and book)

Jon Snow – because he is Jon Snow

Melisandre – because she killed all cool characters and because she gave birth

Daenerys – because she chained her dragons

Tyrion – because he betrayed his kingdom to savages

Bran – because he almost does not remember who Bran Stark is

Sansa – because she survives thanks to her weakness

High Sparrow – because he believed that shame is above love and because he got scared of death

Walder Frey – because of The Red Wedding

Joffrey – because he is a disgusting evil little creature

Tommen – because he betrayed the crown and his family and because he is too weak to live

Ramsay – because he is cruelty in its lowest form

Roose Bolton – because he betrayed The North

Gregor Clegane – because he killed Elia and her children

Quentyn – because he is ordinary mud

Lancel – because he joined the fanatics

Mirri Maz Duur – because she killed Drogo

Shae – because she betrayed the man who loved her twice

Lysa Tully – because she breastfeeds


Gone with the Wind

Rhett – because he is a heartless bastard with the ones he does not love and a pathetic coward with those he thinks he loves

Suellen – because of her unspeakable betrayal towards Gerald, her family, and the Southerners

Johnny Gallagher – because of his cruelty towards the prisoners

Jonas Wilkerson – because he was arrogant enough to ask to buy Tara

Emmy Slattery – because she is white trash


Grey’s Anatomy

Preston Burke – because he never thanked the hand that saved his life


Harper’s Island

Henry – because he believed that there was no other way


Harry Potter

Umbridge – because she imposed anti-freedom, she was wearing pink and she had tons of cats

Peter Pettigrew – because he is a coward and a traitor

Cornelius Fudge – because he would rather have the comfort of an illusion than the truth

Mundungus Fletcher – because his own miserable existence is more important to him than anything else

Lucius Malfoy – because he was grovelling before Voldemort

The Dursleys – because they were keeping Harry in a cupboard under the stairs

Fenrir Greyback – because he was biting people even when he was not in a werewolf form


House M.D.

Foreman – because, unlike House, he is boring and he does not care about his patients

James Sidas – because he preferred to be happy instead of smart and because he believed that you cannot have both



Achilles – because he is a heartless mercenary



Black Bolt – because he sentenced his brother to a horrible fate being too weak to kill him

Maximus – because he let Attilan collapse

Karnak – because he brought Gorgon back from the dead



Cooper – because he was only a ghost in the future of his daughter and because he believed in the rule of ninety percent truth

Murph – because she did not let her father stay with her while she was dying

Mann – because the fear of loneliness made him want to kill humanity

Professor Brand – because he believed that we should think as a species and not as individuals


James Bond

James Bond – because he is superficial and disgusting


Kane and Able

Abel – because he was boring and had complexes and because he allied with every low-life creature he met


Kill Bill

Vernita Green – because she brought a gun to a knife fight

Budd – because he condemned his enemy to a violent and unworthy death


Legend of the Seeker

Darken Rahl – because he was obsessed by the idea of ruling over the world

sister Nicci -because a powerful dark which is not called Nicci

James – because he wanted to deprive everyone of the truth of the fight and to force them to live in the lie of a disgusting utopia in a painting

Lara – because she took away people’s will without a real reason

Triana – because she made a mistake in her judgment about what Cara wanted


Les Misérables

Javert – because he was obsessed with capturing Jean Valjean



Stefan – because he took Maleficent’s wings



Trunchbull – because she hates children and because she created The Chokey


Moulin Rouge

The Duke – because he wanted to own beauty


Murder in the First

Milton Glenn – because of his horrifying monstrosity towards the prisoners


Of Mice and Men

Curley – because he pointed his hatred towards Lennie


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

nurse Ratched – because she is the Combine



Winston – because he is an enemy of mankind and because he betrayed Edmond

Luis Avila – because he justified his desire for revenge with God


Resident Evil

Doctor Isaacs – because he let the T-virus kill the world



Amanda – because she corrupted Jigsaw’s work



Fairy Godmother – because she thought that monsters never get a happy ending



Nokes – because he did not have the will to suppress his disgusting desires and because he thought it mattered when it happened


Sucker Punch

Blue Jones – because he wanted to destroy every form of revolt

The Cook – because he took advantage of defenseless beautiful creatures

The Stepfather – because he killed Babydoll’s sister and then sent her to an asylum


Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller – because she believes that the law gives her the right to rule over people who are stronger than her



Superman – because he has all superpowers but they make him nothing else but boring



Clayton – because he wanted to lock the spirit of the wild in a cage


The Count of Monte Cristo

Edmond – because he thought he was God’s providence, because he was going to kill Albert in a duel, and because he whispered Haydee’s name in front of the village of the Catalans

Mercédès – because she married Fernand, because she did not say anything after Edmond came, and because he left Fernand without saying goodbye

De Villefort – because he sent an innocent man to prison for personal benefit

Danglars – because he betrayed Edmond from jealousy

Fernand – because he took the letter to the authorities

Maximilien Morrel – because he behaved like a thirteen-year-old spoiled boy when he threatened Valantine that he will kill himself if she marries someone else

Valentine – because she did not want to fight for her relationship with Maximilien and three minutes later, she agreed even to leave her grandfather

Héloïse de Villefort – because she poisoned everyone, even her son


The Fountainhead

Ellsworth Monkton Toohey – because he wants everyone to serve everyone and for him to be one of them

Howard – because he never lets pain reach the bottom and because he sees nature only as a resource

Dominique – because she let the objective reality kill the dark passion in her soul

Peter Keating – because he is no good for anything but serving, even after he has seen the truth


The Happy Prince

The Mayor – because he wants to forbid birds to die


The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Claude Frollo – because he thought that he loves Esmeralda


The Hunger Games

Coin – because she wanted to exchange one dictatorship for another

Snow – because he is a pathetic dictator


The Huntsman

Ravenna – because of her betrayal to Freya


The Lion King

Scar – because he killed Mufasa


The Little Mermaid

Ursula – because she played unfairly and took the soul of those she was able to cheat


The Matrix

Agent Smith – because he wants every person in the world to become no one


The Prestige

The Great Danton – because his obsession made him commit an utter monstrosity


Three Comrades

Robert Lohkamp – because of his total lack of self-esteem and because he considered life to be pointless

Ferdinand Grau – because he rejected life, the human, humanity, good, and knowledge



Cal – because his world was limited to objects

Ruth – because she believed that the personal choice is egoism



Bella – because she was totally ordinary

Edward – because he proposed marriage to Bella


Two and a half men

Charlie – because he betrayed his patheticness

Alan – because he is the greatest parasite



Daxus – because he wanted to rule over people and because he fought unfairly

Nerva – because he let Six fall into the well


Under the Yoke

Stefchoff – because he betrayed the Bulgarians

Chorbadji Yurdan – because he did not support the rebellion

Hadji Rovoama – because she is an evil liar



Victor – because he declared war on love and evolution



Ford – because he wants the robots to be free… under his control.

William – because when he found what he was looking for, he could not understand it

Felix – because he betrayed mankind

Charlotte – because she thought she has rights over another man’s  genius


White Collar

Neal –  because he is a criminal who puts criminals in jail

Peter – because he escaped the most important decision in his life like a worm

James Bennett – because he did not take responsibility for the murder

Rebecca – because her feelings for Neal made her weak

Agent Kramer – because he wanted Neal to work for him in Washington forever



The Wizard of Oz – because he is a cheat and wants to forbid animals to talk

Madam Morrible – because she manipulates everyone to turn against Elphaba


Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff – because his feelings for Cathy were vanquished by hatred

Cathy – because she is spoiled and self-involved



Joey – because he is a third-rate duelist

Serenity – because she is a lousy little girl

Bakura – because he wanted to destroy the world


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