Why do birds sing?

Birds sing for love. For the pure love that flies over fields and pines. For the love of the sun towards every living thing. For the passion with which the sea crashes into the steepest shores. For silk strings that play only for the soul. For the breath of summer, filling up the hearts. For wild love running through the unknown like a storm in the eyes of a rebel. For the love of the thirsty ones and those who are broken, the ones who dare to fight, the innocent and fragile ones and those who are corrupted and unbreakable, the rulers and those who reached the end of their own path. For every molecule of pulsating love in the Universe.

Birds sing for freedom. For a flight in the brightest dawn. For impossible peaks where you land only for a moment before you go on, chasing the celestial horizon. For the first steps of courage that allow you to see the real face of the world. For the feeling to be everything you ever wanted. For the infinity where the stars explode in million pieces in the name of chaos. For the untamed will of those who are ready to cross every barrier. For the essence of anyone that had the power to stay alive.

Birds sing for beauty. For the urge of the winds and unknown ideas, sleeping in the clouds. For the colorful sand that builds the castles of the dreamers and for the storms that bring them to the ground. For the heavy scent of violets and for the trees which stand up with silent pride throughout the centuries. For the wild strawberry that carries the lusts of the dark. For the poetry of the suffering ones, which is hidden under their wings. For the words of the seeker and the silence of the one who has already seen.

Birds sing for harmony. For that moment when the body merges with the earth. The fingers are spring flowers and the blood of the trees runs through your veins. The body is a rock and the soul is a storm. And you are nothing…and everything. You fly without direction or goal because the flight is the beginning and the end. Peace, serenity, balance. The most natural feeling because it just is.

Birds sing because they are alive. The birds sing to breathe. To feel their beating hearts. To turn the air into a stage for their dreams. They sing for singing itself. They sing to achieve the only thing that is worth achieving – themselves.

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