Paying taxes is not a reason for pride

Because of their lack of qualities and achievements, people have to find something else that makes them proud. And since they are only good at crawling before the System, they chose paying taxes.

Taxes are a payment to the state in exchange for a service it provides for you: ruling you. The taxpayer gives funding to a faceless institution in order to enable it to take away his freedoms. This money is taken from your own work so that a mass of spineless creatures out there can theoretically walk on roads without holes. After realizing that, you can only sigh, pay, and move your attention to more important things.

However, people can become twisted in each aspect and here, they proved it again. The exemplary society members are proud of the fact that there are conscious citizens and fulfil their social duty. I will cry but not of admiration. Only a person with the self-esteem of a crushed worm would choose to be proud of his tax payments.

If the System pressures you to obey, at least do it with resentment. Instead, we constantly hear statements as: “We need rules.”, “One should obey the rules.”, “It is good to have cameras on the streets.”, “Show your ID at the hotel’s reception desk.”, “Everyone must pay their taxes.”, and so on.

It is predictable that the spiritual plunder will not impress people. But we must hope that when it comes to money, at least greed and egoism will lead to discontent. But the era of egoism is over, now we work for the collective.

One can only be proud of giving something to the Universe. A scientific discovery, a great book, or a new thought. A revolution for a bluer sky, a moment of total happiness, or the darkest tear. The true human is proud when he is himself and creates his own rules. So be more. Be strong, brave, dreaming, and able. Then you will have something to be proud of.

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