EVERYONE stands above the law

“No one stands above the law”  just another sentence which people say with pride when they want to persuade us that everyone is just another slave of the System.

The law is worshiped for two reasons: It takes away the personal freedom and it takes away the freedoms of everyone else.

When you have the premise that you will follow the law whatever you do, many of the challenges in your life disappear. Is a deed right or wrong? Should you overcome yourself and reach what you desire or let it pass away although you want to keep it? When one of the options is illegal, you do not have to show strength of character and make a decision. You just need to read the text in Article 2 Paragraph 2.

Of course, many people do not have the premise that they will oblige the law. When they choose to violate it, it is usually for petty shallow crimes like thefts and corruption. They are not freer than those who obey the law but the first group is still ready to burn them at the stake. Because someone dared to take something for himself. Here, the law is a means of vengeance against such selfish bastards. It punishes them not for the crime against a specific person but for the crime of selfishness against the collective.

The cult towards the law is being introduced intentionally. Nowadays, the legal code of the world can be summarized with “be modest people and do not wish for too much”. But little by little, the noose is getting tighter. Today there is no individual freedom, tomorrow there will be no individual property, the day after that there will be no individuals. Only what serves the interests of Society will be lawful.

The law is the favorite thing of common people because it is the only thing that, if followed strictly, can make everyone equal. Bravery loves only those with courage. Beauty chooses the pure and the deep. The absolute freedom comes to the strong ones. And the law  it clutches all in an iron grip without discriminating by any feature. It is a blessing for the mediocre people because it establishes equality at their level and they do not need to become stronger.

The strong person can live without laws. He has his own moral system which will guide him through all decisions in his life. He is smart, foresighted, and flexible enough to protect himself from those whose moral systems are inferior to his. The weak person cannot survive without laws. He cannot evaluate his own beliefs and thinks that they are correct only if they are shared by the majority. He would transform into a victim or a tyrant because he will not be able to bear the responsibility of absolute freedom. We have two types of people but society, as usual, has chosen to consider only the weak ones.

The law is completely impersonal and totally dead. The person is alive and is an individual. The person has his own values and moral code which define what is right and wrong for him. The person has abilities which are the only factor that defines what he can or cannot do. The person has willpower on which determines what he will do throughout his life. Yes, every person has these things, no matter how much he has betrayed them. Consequently, everyone stands above the law.

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