The proms – the rebellion of youth

The prom is absolute perfection. It is one of the last safehouses of personal freedom. At the prom everything is right – you shout, you laugh, you breathe – you are free. An event that cannot mean anything else but complete happiness.

To understand the essence of the proms, we must start at the beginning. Senior year. This year is taken away from the System and turned into an unseen revolution. In the senior year, it is all emotion, craziness, disobedience. And the best part is that it all comes naturally. The System stands back, realizing that it is helpless and the students run into the wild, crossing the fields of dreams unable to stop and look at the ruins of the walls they left behind them.

And the prom is the final explosion. The fireworks that mark the end of the victorious march in the name of freedom.


And no matter if you are the nerd with sick ambitions or the idiot with low self-esteem, the one that suffers in search of their true self or the superstar of the school, you are there and you are real. You are a part of the group and the group is a part of you. Everyone is your brother or sister, everyone is your friend and the euphoria of the crowd washes away everything else.

The proms are the highest point in the life of almost every person. But does not this make them even more beautiful? How is it possible not to love purity, even more, when you know that it is doomed to die with the sunrise?

The prom is a universe where everyone is totally free. The prom is the triumph of youth. The prom is the answer. The prom is beauty.

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