Stop producing babies

Every second hundreds of babies are being born and the population of the Earth rises with enormous proportions. This is… disgusting.

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if we do not stop making babies? We are already too many and it is getting crowded, but what will happen when we are ten billion? And what about fifteen? We will destroy all natural resources, there will be global hunger and then a global war that will lead us to extinction. But you do not care. This is all meaningless compared to your primal need to reproduce. An individual cannot be whole unless he is producing other people. Like the ancient philosophers said: “The meaning of human life is reproducing.”

It is interesting what percentage of people actually want to have children and how many of them are doing it simply because they have to. When we are little, society teaches us that we have to reproduce. You can be smart and talented but your main quality will always be your genitalia. We must go to school, then to work, then we have to get married and of course, create children. Our existence is meaningless unless we deliver babies to society. Life is empty if you do not reproduce. Just like the worms…

But let us just for a moment assume that it is not your duty to have children. And now let us see if you are capable of raising them. Because no one will miss the alcoholic mother that can only scream and throw the empty bottles at you. No one needs the father who is too crushed by life to smile. There is no need to turn egocentric careerists into a pathetic imitation of parents. There is no need to make creatures that later you will turn into nonsense with your incapability to love them. Just be yourselves. Face the mirror and say “I do not have the strength and love required to raise children.”

Only those who can love unconditionally should have children. Who can love when they are disappointed, when their love is betrayed, when they have to give up everything for this love without gaining the right to ask for something in return. Now, look inside yourselves. Do you really think you can carry such a feeling? Well, no doubt you will answer with “yes”. After all, only the strong ones can be honest with themselves.

Have you ever thought that children are a lot more than just a way to solve your own issues? Your children are not a second chance for you to live. You had that chance. And you can blame only yourselves that you did not manage to use it right. Children are a challenge for the individual and not an instrument to create emotional security. Let us not make babies because we want to keep our partner. Let us not get pregnant because we did not use protection. And most importantly, let us not reproduce out of boredom.

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