Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution #6

Benjamin Disraeli – because he is a sneaky clever fox

Boris Kamenov – because he wants to secede the Northwest region from Bulgaria

Brett Begemann – because of Monsanto’s genetically modified crops

Charles de Montesquieu – because he thinks that people should be free through the law

David Guetta and Skylar Grey – because of the repulsive twistedness with “Bang Bang – My baby shot me down”

Galena – because she turned into Preslava

Gary Yourofsky – because he believes that humans have no value and are not special on Earth

Gina Haspel – because she is the director of the CIA

Gorgias – for believing that nothing exists and even if something existed, it cannot be understood by man, and even if it is understood, it cannot be shared with the rest

Gracchus Babeuf – for preaching equality of results

Hans-Adam II – because, by giving rights to the people of Liechtenstein, he guarantees that they will never ask for freedom

Jared Leto – because this is war

Jonas Flodager Rasmussen – because his Eurovision song is a betrayal towards the Vikings

Krisko – because he corrupts the young generation

La Malinche – because she betrayed Latin America by helping Cortes to conquer it

Louisa May Alcott – because she establishes the humble useless woman as a role model

Netta – because of the sexism towards men in her Eurovision song

Nicolas Maduro – because of his dictatorship in Venezuela and the murder of Oscar Perez

Poli Genova – because she spoiled and very limited in terms of music

Ray Kurzweil – because he thinks that people will become better by installing nanobots in their heads and cannot wait for that to happen

Rebecca Roache – because of her horrifying monstrosities towards human freedom

Sam Altman – because he wants to be killed in order for his brain to be uploaded to a computer

Silvio Berlusconi – because, if the motives behind his words and actions were cool, he would have been wonderful, but they are not

Theresa May – because of her political idiotism

Vera Jourova – because she wants to make technology companies reveal the personal information of criminals


You can find the whole list here: Enemies of the Spiritual Revolution

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