Humanity is perfect

Humanity is perfect because it exists. Because it is fragile and strong because it is cruel and good because it is real. Humans are a creation of the Universe but unlike any other species, we can create universes ourselves.

Humanity is perfect because it won my heart. No matter how much I tried to resist, no matter how angry I was, eventually I fell in love with it. I love to see the people walking on the streets, I love to hear children laugh, I love the rebellion in the eyes of the cosmic philosopher, I love the blond hair of the murderer that cries in the snow, I love the homeless girl that writes poems on the walls. I love humanity’s will. I love the innocence in its smile, I love its cruelty when it pulls the trigger. I love the destruction it brings to my bones, I love the storms that create and annihilate my fears.

I love humanity in its power. When it fights for freedom when it flies over the highest mountains, endless and unstoppable. When it rises from the ashes to meet another sunrise when it spills its own blood to find new horizons. I love humanity when it is looking for an ocean, deep enough to drown its sorrow.

I love humanity in its weakness. When it grovels like a spineless slave when it crawls in the mud like a coward. When it lies, when it loses its mind in the labyrinths of violence, when it becomes a sickness, defiling everything in its way.

I love humanity because we are creators. Because we brought emotions into this world that never existed. We learned how to survive. We learned how to think. We learned how to feel. We learned to say I. We invented the wheel, the gum, the electricity, the balloon, the ship, the violin, the numbers. We found countless forms of art to express our souls, recreating our Universe with a single gesture. We did the impossible a million times. We made our own reality.

I love humanity because we are destroyers. We are not afraid to follow our dreams at any price. We kill, we burn, we crush. We are strong enough to take responsibility for our choices.

We are poison. Anyone that touches us is cursed. We are a cure, anyone that sees us is reborn.

I love humanity because it is mine and we belong to each other. This is my kind and I will die a thousand times before I let anyone else touch it.

I love humanity because it died. And that broke my heart forever. Such pain can be caused only by the death of the most beautiful thing in the Universe.

Yes, humanity is perfect and it died. But I am alive. And I am bringing it back whatever it may cost me.

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