Books and movies that we must experience



Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf – This book shows that the struggle is one of the main driving forces for humanity and reveals the reasons for World War II.


Aleksander Sekulov

Engraver of Dreams – It presents the human emotionality and the energy links in the Universe through abstract scenes and symbols.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince – The book explains love and life in a simple and accessible way.


Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead – The novel praises individualism and reveals the conflict between society and the person who wants to create.

Atlas Shrugged – The book shows how collectivism will kill the world but describes a wrong way of fighting against it.


Elif Shafak

The Forty Rules of Love – The book describes love through the point of view of dervish Shams Tabrizi and his friendship with poet Rumi.


Erich Maria Remark

All quiet on the Western front – The book reveals war in all of its horror and might.


Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra – It explains who the overman is and for what he has come to fight. The Twilight of the Idols  – It tells the truth about the human, God, strength, freedom, bravery, humility, and many others.


George Martin

A Song of Ice and Fire – It talks about a real battle in the real world and the love story between Jaime and Cersei is one of the best ever created.


George Orwell

1984 – It shows a world where the System has won completely.

The Animal Farm – It presents what is likely to happen when those who were victims until recently take control.


Henry David Thoreau

Civil Disobedience – This essay expresses the beliefs of Henry David Thoreau who never accepted any limitations to his personal freedom.


Ivan Vazov

Under the Yoke – The novel recreates the greatest moment in Bulgarian history by showing the heroism and the tragedy of the April uprising.


Jack Kerouak

On the Road – It presents the worldview of a completely free person and how society treats him.


Joan K. Rowling

Harry Potter – The book is magical and great for children but at the same time, it has deep and complex characters.


John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men – The book reviews the themes of goodness and friendship.

East of Eden – It shows the conflict between the individual urges and the family values. It explores the idea of spiritual death and the way to overcome it.

To a God Unknown – Talks about the conflict of conservatism and materialism with the things that are mystical and visible only for the soul.


Jorge Bucay

Let Me Tell You a Story – A collection of smart and useful short stories.

Stories to Think About – Stories that help us understand the common values.

Letters for Claudia – It tells truths about the man and his connection with the Universe.


Ken Kesey

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest – This novel describes how the System worked and shows that revolt is possible.


Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind – The novel shows the Civil War in the United States through the eyes of the South and how in this reality, a spoiled girl transforms into an overman.


Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God – Обяснява същността на Бог и взаимоотношенията му с човека по лесен и разбираем начин. It explains the nature of God and his relationship with the humans in an easy and understandable way.


Oscar Wilde

De Profundis – It shows the emotional world and the way of thinking of the man of art.


Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist – A suitable book for entering the spiritual world. It offers basic knowledge for the human and the Universe.

Eleven Minutes – It shows sexuality as a path to self-discovery. Explores the connection between body and soul and between the man and the woman.

Veronica Decides to Die – The main character goes all the way from the boring routine and the System to complete freedom from society and her own limits.

Manual of the Warrior of Light – Practical and short manual about the principles of the progressing individual.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Over-Soul – The book describes the beauty of the individual and their meaning for the world.


Ray Bredbury

Fahrenheit 451 – It shows how totalitarianism will ban books in an attempt to stop free thinking.


Truman Capote

In Cold Blood – The book raises the question about the society’s way of judging the individual and if it has the right to judge him in the first place.


Victor Hugo

Les Misérables – This is a tragic story about the personal fight of an overman and about the rise and fall of a revolution.



Short stories


Elin Pelin

At the Furrow – The story shows the excruciating pain in the reality of the villagers.


Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince – The story levels up kindness and compassion to absolute values and shows us that when you love, you are strong enough to bare everything.

The Nightingale and the Rose – It shows the conflict between the cynical society and the pure ideal.


Yordan Yovkov

Short stories – The stories of Yovkov show the individuals in their true power exploring the might of their love and proving that the man can determine what is bad and good for himself.





Alexander Blok

Night Violet – The collection of poems reflects the personality of Alexander Blok who exalts art and life.


Allen Ginsberg

Howl – The poem reveals the worldview of rebels and free people.


Charles Baudelaire

Carcass – It shows the ugliest thing in the world as absolute beauty.

The Albatross – It shows the situation of the strong individual among the crowd.


Hristo Botev

Poetry – Botev’s poems reveal his desire for freedom and his love for the fatherland.


Hristo Smirnenski

To be a Day – It reveals the beauty of suffering and the hope for a brighter future.


Ivan Vazov

Epic of the Forgotten – It presents some of the most noble people in Bulgarian history.


Mikhail Lermontov

Demon – The poem shows the might of the one who loves.


Nikola Vaptsarov

Engine Songs – It shows the love for life and the faith in humanity.


Oscar Wilde

The Ballad of Reading Gaol – The poem shows that the man does not belong in prison.





Artificial Intelligence – It shows the unyieldingness of real love and the road to being human.


Avatar – Avatar explores the highest spiritual bond between the man and his nature and his true self. It shows a love story that goes beyond species.


Beauty and the Beast – This is a story which shows us that true love can overcome all obstacles and that when you love, freedom is the highest goal.


Dead Poets’ Society – It shows the most important lessons for the young.


Down with Love – It shows how love can beat the routine.


Gattaca – It describes the dangers of genetic engineering and shows that one can surpass one’s potential.


Kill Bill – This movie is an ode for the human will and the meaning of respect.


Life of Pi –  It follows the spiritual path of a boy and shows the bond between the Earth and the human soul. Raises the question about what is the real face of the world.


Love actually – It shows that love can be light, warm, and can be concealed in the little things.


Maleficent –  The movie successfully shows the difference between a crush and real love and proves that the villain and the hero can be the same person.


Minority Report – It shows that people should not rely on technology for impeding crimes.


Moulin Rouge – A movie that faces us with the choice between success in society and love.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith – It shows that a real love can resist its own destructive power.


Murder in the First – The movie stands against the cruelty of prison and the death sentence.


Pirates of the Caribbean – The movie shows the free spirit of the pirates and includes a mythical love story.


Sleepers – It shows how prison destroys people but also that they can win.


Sucker Punch – This movie contains pain and rebellion and tells us that we have all the weapons we need to achieve ourselves.


Tarzan – It shows how important it is to be human and to find the world where you belong.


The Avengers – The movies of the series clearly demonstrate that superheroes impede the progress of humanity.


The Danish Girl – Tells the story of the first man who goes through a sex change operation. The movie shows that the individual can cross all barriers to reach themselves.


The Dreamers – It shows the life of three young souls, lost in a gray and defiled world, who are trying to understand the meaning of love.


The Lion King – It explains the Great Circle of Life.


The Matrix – The matrix is a good metaphor of the contemporary world and everyone has the choice between the blue and the red pill.


Titanic –  In the center of the storyline are two lovers who face together the separation of the classes, societies rules and a natural disaster.



TV Shows


Avatar: The Last Airbender – The story line follows the spiritual path of the warrior on his quest for saving the world and it reveals many spiritual aspects of the Universe.


Desperate Housewives – Сериалът представя много широк спектър от персонажи. Всяка от главните героини се сблъсква с големи предизвикателства и ги преодолява по свой собствен начин. The series show a wide spectrum of individuals. Each one of the main characters faces big challenges and overcomes them in her own way.


Game of Thrones – It talks about a real battle in the real world and the love story between Jaime and Cersei is one of the best ever created.


Grey’s Anatomy – It brings real pain and shows the growth of many individuals, some of who reach the Overman.


House M.D. – It shows the difference between what is moral and what is right and presents the life of a man who lives according to his own moral code.


Legend of the Seeker – It shows both the global war for saving the world and the individual battles.Every episode contains specific dilemmas and motives.


Westworld – The park is exact copy of our world and it is happening today. The robots are at the same time a new species that is a threat to humanity and a metaphor for the humans themselves.


White Collar – It shows crimes as an art and presents a character who lives only outside the System.


Yu-Gi-Oh – It tells the story of the ancient past of humanity and the battles we are yet to face.

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