“Inferno” – one minute to midnight

Bertrand Zobrist was right. Stop giving birth and live. Keep spending your existence producing babies and you will die. This is the message that the world needs to hear. But unfortunately “Inferno” was focused on denying facts instead of admitting them.

Zobrist wanted to save humanity. He knew that the hysterical producing of babies will lead to overpopulating the Earth and this will be the end of mankind. Hunger, wars, ecologic catastrophe. He wanted to prevent all that.

But for some reason, all “positive” characters were running around like crazy screaming that Zobrist is a psychopath. Neither Langdon nor the police had any arguments against Zobrist’s idea. Even worse. They were not even trying to find one. Simple logic shows that sacrificing half of the people in the world is much better than killing the entire population. This was ignored until the end of the movie. No one even bothered to say some kind of a counter-argument. They were busy whining and spitting words like “kindness” and “safety”.

Zobrist and Sienna were in total triumph. They were the only people in the movie who were actually using their brains. They were the only ones who cared about the world. They were the only ones brave enough to die for their ideas. They were the only ones who loved each other.

And like they wanted to point that out, even more, the entire time Langdon and Elizabeth were crawling at the back. Their pathetic story was so ridiculous that I was actually impressed when they manage to go through with it without puking. And while Langdon was busy making extremely idiotic statements like the one that the biggest signs are made for love, Elizabeth showed us her ability to turn into empty space.

Of course, I cannot pass the mathematical error in Zobrist’s claim. Humanity will not be 32 billion in the next few decades. But does it matter if there are one or five minutes left until midnight? Sooner or later the virus will conquer our planet and then it will be hell on Earth. Unless we stop making babies today. So that we can live tomorrow.

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