The Spiritual conference – #5

Alan Acosta – because he truly understands the problems of the LGBTI community

Albert Camus – because he knows that the only way to overcome the absence of freedom in the world is to become absolutely free and that if there is a sin against life it is to ignore the greatness of the life we live now

Aldous Huxley  – because he understands that the path towards safety, happiness and equality will destroy life

Andrew Niccol – because in his movies he warns us about the danger of gene modification and artificial realities

Bonnie and Clyde –  because their love defeated the law

Boyan Petrov – because he was facing the challenges of the mountain alone

Carl Linnaeus – because he classified the living organisms and because he created a category for mythical creatures

Djoko Rositch – because his voice collected the obertones of eternity

Havasi – because he is a modern composer who creates pure perfection

Jane Goodall – because of her love and kindness to animals

Juanes – because of “A Dios le pido”

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – because he is a true leader working for the prosperity of the world

Peter Carl Faberge – because of the Fabergé eggs

Romain Rolland – because he tells people to hit like a hammer and to endure like an anvil and because he knows that love is exactly as valuable as the man who feels it

Safet Khalid – because he saves storks from the cold

Sallustius – because he knows that the spirit is what leads us in life and that if people persistently fight for the right things they will determine their own destiny

Samuel Bellamy – because he was stealing under the protection of his own courage

Stefan Karadzha – because he is the soul of Hadzhi Dimitar’s squad

Subcomandante Marcos – because he stays awake and walks through the night to reach freedom

Thierry Fremont – because he respects the cinema and he wants to keep its prestige

Thomas Andrews– because he built Titanic

Tonka Obretenova –  because she gave shelter to the revolutionaries

Ursula Le Guin – because she stood for the freedom of literature

Zahari Stoyanov – because he told the story of the April Uprising


You can find the whole list here: The Spiritual Conference

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