Conservatism – the pillar supporting the world

In my naïve youth, I often preached liberality. And I would still do that if people had dignity. But the recent social development has made me realize that the world now is supported precisely by conservatism.

Liberality is confused with whining. Liberality is to want to be accepted as you are and not to be judged according to the standards of society. Whining is to expect others to feel that they owe you something just because you are in a minority and to expect everyone to take into account your tiniest discomforts instead of pursuing their own goals.

Everyone accuses others of intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, chauvinism and fascism, but at the same time does not notice that he tramples in brocade and colored bubbles. A torrent of rights is pouring upon us, each one more cynical and humiliating than the former. Right now, in Western society, everything is allowed… as long as it leads to a denial of the Self. And people do not have a problem with this stipulation.

But don’t worry, not everything is so black. Hmm … no. In this case, I must say: Not everything is so pink. There is still conservatism.

There are several countries which work day and night to keep a small fraction of the dark sector on the map of the world. Of course, the betrayal of Saudi Arabia by giving citizenship to the robot was a heavy blow, but Russia and North Korea are still here. I think humanity owes solemn gratitude to Mr. Putin and Mr. Kim. If it wasn’t for them, it would have already sunk in pink jelly.

Also, in all the other countries in the world, there are still people who have not been swept away by the dragging-tolerant neo-collectivist pseudo-liberal social ideology.

The Conservative is a person who assumes that a couple can consist of a man and a woman. He supposes that the sexes are about two and that at the age of thirty, everyone should have decided their own. He is inclined to believe that the number of sexual partners of one person is lower than the number of people you shake hands with. He watches the weather forecast on TV instead of installing a subcutaneous chip to recite it to him. He does not think that a yellow square is a great piece of art. He is even naïve enough to expect that a book will have characters and meaning. In general, the conservative is a very sweet creature.

The pink flood is at our door. The only way to divert it is to replace whining with thinking.

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