Grow up and start acting like children!

The children are wonderful but society constantly tells us that with time we have to listen to our child’s voice less and less until we completely forget about it. This is a lie.

Being a child is one of the most serious things in the world. The child in us has the courage and inner freedom that most people do not. It is not afraid to break the norms and has the ability to see the true face of the world. The child in us is real and beautiful. It is what gives us the power to speak in our own language and to dream without considering what is possible.

Protect the child inside of you. Run away from business meetings to chase butterflies, throw away security to pursue wild dreams, leave the logic aside, and build sand castles as you laugh until you faint. Throw yourselves unbiased into the unknown, meet the dangers with a smile and spiritual purity, believe that everything in this universe loves you. Be inadequate, strange, crazy, and always natural. Embrace the beauty of the Universe and run barefoot through thorns to find strange animals. Indulge in love and find happiness in your own reflection.

While the child in us is alive, the System cannot win. It is powerless against those who can be hurt. The gray mist cannot overcome the brightness of the rainbows, cannot muffle the happy screams, nor stop those who have gone unprepared on their journey. Mediocrity has no power over what is experiencing its own nature, and if the individual carries something pure in himself, the entire filth on Earth cannot tarnish it.

The Overman is a child. He slides down the rinks, screaming sparkling nonsense and throwing chocolate eggs at Plato. He sings for endless games and friendships with mythical creatures. He makes faces to society and jumps through its ranks, aiming at his own sunset.

So be children. After all, this is one of the most beautiful proofs of maturity.

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