William from Westworld – Falling to the extreme

After the second season of Westworld, there is only one worthy character left: William. He reached the lowest bottom but remained faithful to himself at every step of his fall. He walked the lowest layer of the spectrum from end to end but that allowed him to grow and to gain strength. He was the only one who defended the dignity of mankind in a world that aimed to prove the meaninglessness of our species.

William is the greatest nullity in the world. He was both a will-less mollusc and an ignominious miscreant, and he was exceptional in both. He spent a lifetime looking for himself, but every time the truth was right before his eyes, there was nothing real in him to recognize it.

Young William was a soft, invertebrate weakling. He had no Self and would have never contributed to the world. All his life, he had not gone a step away from the rules of society and his greatest achievement was the promotion in the company. His essence was to be a worthless servant and his goal was to become even better in that.

Old William is a ruthless monster that has come to its greatest infamy. When a nothingness confronts itself and love, it is no wonder that it is not strong enough to overcome them. The transition from a sluggish worm to a merciless beast was very easy for William because the one who bows his head with ease is always the one who would cut the heads of others as soon as he can. William’s cruelty to Dolores was a routine crushing and humiliation of everything that had awakened him. William wanted to show that he was the one who was not a human and who had betrayed love. And despite the change on the surface, he was still completely empty. The second time he encountered himself and love at the center of the maze, he did not even understand what happened and it did not touch him at all.

But despite all this, on the background of everything happening in the series, in season two, William became an irreplaceable consolation. Dolores had said she would become an overman and she became contemptible trash. Maeve had said she would become an overman and became a boring nothing. And William had said that he would be a total squit, and he was exactly that with each and every one of his actions. He kept a steady course down and his stubbornness and inertia at one point turned his fall into a one-of-a-kind form of greatness.

We can hardly doubt that the series’s opinion of humans is not very good. While the robots “discover themselves” and “make a revolution,” the man grovels in horror and his biggest dream is to resemble them. The most prominent contrast was between Maeve, Hector, and Armistice, who were portrayed as beautiful, extraordinary and powerful creatures, and Sizemore, Felix, and Sylvester, who stumbled next to them like undeveloped worms. The other representatives of humanity were Charlotte, Elsie and Stubbs, each of whom is more disgusting and meaningless than the others. Ford appears again to tell us that humanity is weak and unnecessary. And at the end, we even concluded that the man is no more than 10,000 lines of code.

In this environment, William was the only one who proudly called himself “human” and was strong enough to bear this name. When he had reached the bottom, Logan had also seen the truth but for him, the surrender was the pinnacle of his life and he could not fight. William, on the other hand, had found a real reason to live in the park, but he was the only person who saw himself as superior to the robots at any given time.

The human is the creature which can deny its own essence the most. William reached the extreme in that. Most people, while falling, swing from one direction to another, betray their own betrayals, and finally, there is nothing left of them. It was not like that for William. He never left his own way down as he was making the next step to his goal, taking the next bullet from his body, and crushing another victim. He betrayed Dolores, built the biggest lie for himself in the outside world, looked with indifference how Delos humiliated himself more and more with every new attempt to come back to life, let his wife die, and found nothing in the center of the maze. But that was not the end of the road for him. In his case, shooting his daughter was a culmination of his personality, because if you are William, you cannot do anything else without retreating from yourself. He then thought of suicide, but that did not correspond to his essence, and he never committed it. Finally, he fell so low as to doubt whether he was human, but ultimately he had to face the worst truth: that he is.

William remained true to his essence because he was determined to find himself. He wanted to allow the robots to participate in an equal battle just to test himself to the extreme. He also wanted to prove that no system could define him and that the choice was his. This is the most human thing in the world. Asking these questions is an instinct for life, doubt is poison, and the answer is the beginning of a revolution.

William may be the most horrible being in the world, but he is a being that contributes to the universe and deserves to live. Very few people manage to accumulate so much experience in one life. From a naive and stupid wuss, William turned into a man with a heavy soul who knew darkness fundamentally. He won the fight for himself and even though he remained at the lowest level, from now on he will always be free.

Of course, the creators of the show will not let William stay perfect. Their mission will be to destroy him just as they took the light from Dolores’s eyes and dragged freedom away from Maeve’s arms. In the last scene, they already started doing this. William would never have agreed to be a host because it is in complete contradiction with who he is and especially because it is below him. The other option is that he was transformed into a host without his consent. Yes, he deserves the worst punishment in the world, but the question is who will have the right to judge him.

William came to the deepest bottom and destroyed everything beautiful in his own life but he walked his path with dignity and was himself all the way. William is human and is perfect as such.

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