How to act on a first date

There are thousands of guides on how we should behave on a first date if we want it to be dull and mediocre. Here is what we need to do to experience something meaningful.

Skip the small talks. Throw yourselves into the deep. Talk about your beliefs, dreams, and intimate emotions. Exit completely from the framework of ordinary communication. The faster you find out something really important about the other, the better. It is preferable for them to run away from you screaming in the first hour than after you have lost ten years of your life. Unusual habits, preferences, and different parts of a person’s everyday life have no value outside the context of the individual. The first meeting serves to answer the question “Who am I” and not “What am I”. First, we look into the soul and then we find out that we love to eat lentils.

Be yourselves. Many are tempted by the opportunity to present themselves in a new “improved” light to a stranger. But this is always a mistake. The fakeness is pointless and it gets revealed. When a person goes on a first date, he does not aim to present the most successful commercial of himself but to establish a real connection with another creature of the same kind.

Do something different. Do not go to a coffeehouse or a bench in the park or in a bar. If we get into the routine from the very beginning, we’d better not start at all. The magic is always in the fact that something is special and unique.

Exit your comfort zone and get the other one out of theirs. When there is a flame between two personalities, there is always a clash. Challenge the person against you and proudly meet his challenge. If you both come out as winners, you will meet again.

Do not agree with the other. Agreeing is often too boring, and in most cases totally illusory. Argue with each other and put your minds in a competition. It is in this race that the first spark is born.

Be disgusting. It is proven that where there is disgust there is also attraction. Of course, here we have to point out explicitly that in order for this tactic to work successfully, you have to be disgusting enough. Irritate the other one, anger him, turn into a creation that brings his senses to hysterics. This is one of the best methods for breaking the ice.

Be as serious as you can. No one has started the greatest journey in their lives with drooling. Compliments, superficial jokes, and kindness have no place in the arena of love. Ink lakes and white swallows. This is what those who meet for the first time should find.

The first date contains all the possibilities that a new universe can offer. So make the first step proud, free, and loving.

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