Realism: one of society’s cages

Each great idea for the improvement of the world can be crushed with one single argument: “What you’re proposing is very nice, but it is not realistic.” The fans of this statement, however, should ask how important it is and should it stop us.

Greatness, triumph, and perfection are never realistic in the eyes of society. It considers even a peaceful life and the elimination of poverty as an unattainable utopia, while things like dignity and absolute freedom are far beyond its horizons. However, it does not realize that, by constantly making compromises, it stays in one place and will never come closer to these ideals.

Great achievements are revolutions, not evolutions. Slow changes are never completed, they are always messed up by a few coups and midway across the path, even the initiators have forgotten where are they going and why. If you want to bring down the monarchy, you conquer the Bastille; if you want to abolish slavery, you declare war on the Confederation. This is what history tells us. We see how alternative strategies in climate agreements and the opening of markets are doing.

If you had asked the wide masses whether the camera, the phone or the internet were realistic a day before their invention, you would have only got mockery in return as though you were a zany daydreamer. But here they are only because someone has allowed themselves to make steps towards the impossible. This is how what was unrealistic a moment ago was the spine of the new reality.

The conclusion from all this is that it does not matter whether the achievement of the overman, the abolition of borders, the destruction of laws, the dignified coexistence or the absolute freedom are realistic. What is important is that we must walk towards them so that they can transform from a utopian dream to the pillars of the future.

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