Game of Thrones Episode 3 – The end of reality

This episode was the end of Game of Thrones, at least for every person with reason and self-esteem. The only feeling it left behind is offense ­ from the fact that someone could think that they can present the audience with an arbitrary idiocy and that it would be accepted and assimilated.

The Night King had spent countless years waiting for his time to fight against the world of the living. He had gathered the largest and most invincible army. He walked the way to Bran triumphantly. And his whole plan failed because he had not foreseen a punk whom I would not do the honor of naming. The dozens of zombies and white kisses around him could do nothing. The threat, which had been accumulated for eight seasons, collapsed in an instant deprived of greatness and meaning.

And now we have to go back to the question that was key to the series right from the beginning: Who is the Night King? We do not know. Targaryen? Stark? Has he been alive for thousands of years or has he changed over the centuries? Is there a Night Queen? Why did he want to take over the world? Just to create a kingdom of the dead? (This is laughable.) What would he have won if he had killed Bran? It doesn’t seem that we’ll get the answers.

The Night King had the potential to become the greatest villain in history. He had a number of advantages, such as not being alive and having an almost infinite army. Instead, he is now the most absurd villain who has ever existed. He was killed by a simple pinch. And that happened exactly in the episode in which he was standing triumphantly, tall and unperturbed, as the dragon poured fire over him. In this scene, he smiled at Daenerys mocking her, which for the first time clearly showed that he was not a brainless creature that kills automatically, but has a consciousness and understands people. The Night King could have been a titanic hero with a supreme reason to rule the world, but this theory obviously remains for the naive idealists who always expect significance.

The only reasonable thing that we can expect in the next episode is for Euron to stab a fork in Cersei’s throat, so that we could be done with it as quickly as possible and forget that all of this has ever happened. Unfortunately, this will not happen and in all likelihood, we will dedicate the remaining three episodes to destroying the only living character in the movie to the limit. We could have expected that Cersei will remain the biggest villain, but now we cannot even hope that they will humiliate her to the bottom by making her surrender all her values. Instead, she could also get a ridiculous end taking her whole value as a character.

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