The universe costs one backbone

Anyone can get the whole universe. It is only necessary to have a whole backbone.

There are two unconditional truths that one must realize as a first prerequisite to attain everything.

The universe can give you everything. Nothing is impossible for it, and time works according to its will. It is the original creator of everything, and moreover, it alone makes the rules. Even the things that the human mind considers totally improbable are within its capabilities. For the universe there are no obstacles and it will even be happy to be challenged with the wishes of men.

The universe wants to give you everything. It loves people and its purpose is to help and encourage them. It wants people to evolve more, to challenge and surprise it, and so that it can evolve with them. All the Universe needs is for you to show it that you are ready and deserving of what you want.

The universe presents us with absolutely all possibilities, which are not a finite number. We just have to take it. It’s up to us. And yes, it takes courage, strength, determination, but these are the things that make us worthy people and no wish would want to come true for a person who doesn’t possess them.

The man with backbone can achieve anything. He will never stray from his path, never flinch before the unknown, never betray his own value. Thus he cannot fail to get all that he sets his mind to.

The universe gives to us, but we must know how to take. What you get depends on how strong you are. Because the perfect things in life can only reach the great soul. Therefore, if you want success and happiness in every aspect, be ready for them.

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