The world is ours

Our whole lives we have been taught that the world does not belong to us. It belongs to society, to states, to dictators, to politicians, to the rich. We’ve heard it so many times that it wouldn’t even occur to anyone that it’s not true. But this is a lie. The world is belongs to mankind and we must take it back.

The world is not yours. Everyone should know their place. The world offers finite resources, so each of us must conform to the rest. The world is everybody’s, but not as individuals, only as a homogeneous mass. This is the eternal teaching of society that is rooted in our minds.

The truth is that the world belongs to us, the humans. It belongs to me, to you and to everyone else who is strong enough to love it and create in it. The world can give everything to an unlimited number of individuals, because love, freedom, and opportunities for greatness are not finite resources.

The world is ours. Every piece of land is here for us to discover and explore. The sun rises to meet the eyes of the brave, the wind blows to touch the skin of the reckless, the rain falls to reach the hand of the seekers. The blizzards mourn our pain, storms arise from the fury of our dreams, and fire flickers before us to challenge us to be like it. Every stone, every speck, every atom is part of our destiny.

The world is ours. We discovered its secrets, we built its palaces, we recreated its soul in art. We spilled our blood in revolutions for it, we gave it our every breath so that it might live on. We loved its marshes, we watered its sands with our tears, we gave names to all its wonders. We live and grow with it.

We are not temporary visitors to this world, who came for a cheap fling and will leave forever after. We are its children and its creators. We have a responsibility to it and if something goes wrong, it is our fault. The world is wonderful and deserves the best of our freedom, love and greatness. What it will be tomorrow is up to us.

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