Pride will save the world

Pride will save the world. Even if they don’t know absolute freedom, even if they can’t unravel the mysteries of the universe, even if they don’t find the ultimate meaning in life, even if they never experience true love. If people have pride, all the world’s problems will solve themselves.

Pride will put an end to crime. No man with self-respect would allow aggression or greed to control him. Senseless murders would stop, theft would be reduced to a minimum, fraud would disappear. Any act of pure malice would become impossible, not because it is bad, but because it is beneath everyone involved.

Constitutions will be instantly discarded. A creature with pride would never live by laws other than its own, much less follow the sick concoctions of an institution. Even if you didn’t believe you could decide for yourself, even if you feared a world of lawlessness and chaos, pride would not allow you to live any other way. You don’t have to reject laws with deep philosophical reasoning. Your pride will do it for you.

All religions will fall. Invertebrate ideologies will not survive when there is no one left to fall on their knees. Heads will be held high and gazes will take over the heavens, suddenly dethroning the gods forever. Not every person can develop a sense of the spiritual, but each of us has a backbone.

Class division will no longer be a problem. It will be too humiliating for anyone to get rich dishonestly, and it will be the absolute downfall for the poor to be controlled by their envy. Pride in who you are will forever remove people’s habit of looking under someone else’s hood.

Technology will not destroy us. They say that virtual reality and robots will take us over, but there is an insurmountable obstacle in front of them. Human pride. The stamp of our dignity is the brightest constellation in our firmament. And it would never allow imitation to replace the original. Because we are humanity and nothing more worthy could exist. We don’t have to realize the risks, we don’t have to understand the world. All that is needed to prevent our own destruction is pride.

The world population will instantly decrease. Pride would never allow a human being to have a population comparable to that of rats. There is no need to be conscious of global problems and the scarcity of earthly goods. It is enough simply to realize that the annual birth rate does not correspond to our rank on the evolutionary ladder.

Human relations will cease to be miserable.
The lies, the cheating, the betrayals, the envy, the jealousy, the emotional dependency, the need to protect others from the storms of life. All these could not exist where pride is present.

Pride and weakness are incompatible.
That is why even the weakest person will demand more of himself. And they will achieve it. Everyone will set out to go up, giving their all, because their pride will not let them stop nor will they allow others to pull them up. Collectivism will die, and people will take the first steps towards individualism.

Pride is a fundamental value for the individual. Pride in being alive, in being human, in getting closer to yourself with every breath. Pride in being a conqueror, a magician, or a saint. Pride that you have walked this Earth looking for something real. Pride in being able to say “I.”

Pride will save the world. And then new horizons will open before us, more beautiful than ever.

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