Selfishness – the original virtue

Selfishness is the essence of life. The sun desires to shive over the world that belongs to it, the river seeks its own end, the poplar towers to the heavens, overshadowing the rest. The ability of each thing to achieve its own perfection is what makes our world possible.

The living man is selfish. Only two types of people take their first breath. The first is the one who inhales at any cost. The one who takes handfuls and lets the invading oxygen split his lungs. The one who won’t share his breath and pain with anyone because he wants to truly live. This is the man whose heartbeat keeps the pulse of the entire universe. The second is the one who will take a breath in half. He will comply with the rest, share his life force and suffering with them, and doom humanity to a mediocre existence where no one will die, but no one will live either. This is the man whose weakness would melt our world into mist.

Selfishness is a desire to be. To stick your fingers in your skin and watch your blood trace new paths until you reach the bone. To become a black dragon that needs the infinity of the sky to spread its wings. To be the master of your own destiny and know that you make every decision alone. To inhabit a castle at the bottom of the ocean where your will is the only guard at the gates. To know that the greatest thing in the world is your soul.

Selfishness is a desire to have. To have your pride, joy, and freedom. To have sunrises only for yourself. To build temples where the relics of your courage are kept and the only key to their entrance is your gaze. To possess a moment of eternity in which the whole world belongs to you alone. To have complete silence and to be able to send away anyone who breaks it with his whisper. To have the honor of standing on your throne, gazing at your achievements and losses.

Selfishness is a desire to achieve. To catch cosmic bodies in the webs of your imagination, to touch the faces of innocence, to read your future in the footprints left behind, to spill cherry nectar on charred paper. A desire to realize every goal, to go beyond the barbed wire hedges, to see peonies blazing on the other side at the tips of centuries-old swords. To destroy and build until your world is an absolute reality. To reach the highest form of self even if the final step means your own destruction.

Selfishness is at the root of all human progress. People who have asked everything for themselves are the only ones who have given everything to the world. The egoist makes inventions. Because they are his. Because he knows that something in existence belongs to him and that only he can discover it. And only these inventions have contributed to the development of us all. The egoist creates art. Because he cares for nothing but the projection of his own reality. And these are the works that have marked whole epochs. The egoist changes history. Not for the future of his children, not for the common good, not to help others. But because he wants to see a sight worthy of his eyes. And these are the people who have pushed our species forward through the ages. Selfishness is the driving force of all building processes. An egoist who aims at the destruction of all mankind contributes more to our progress than an altruist who wants to save it.

Egoists love truly. They understand that love is not a need, a drooling, a droning and a convenience. They realize that to feel true love is the rarest of gifts and look upon this ability only with admiration. Only the egoist knows love in depth, for only he is completely independent of the rest. And where there is dependence, there is no love. Only he who is self-sufficient is strong enough to be with someone else.

The individual is always selfish. They are power, love and individualism. And they know that before anything can exist, you must exist, alone and uncompromising.

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