Survival is not a priority for the living

Survival. The most cunning trap the System has set for us. That’s why we all got caught. The complete degradation that has managed to creep into our minds as a great virtue. The survival of humanity is the key to its destruction.

The priority of the mass man is to survive.
Humans have been taught to believe that Life and Death are doomed to be enemies whose bitter battle has been fought continuously since the beginning of eternity. This delusion creates in every man a fear of death, and he who fears death fears life. Thus the common human is pressed on every side, and is given only one opportunity – to maintain his miserable existence. He is willing to drag himself slowly and painfully, delaying crossing the finish line because he is too weak to finish alongside the others. Society has called this phenomenon survival.

Life and Death have always been allies, and their common enemy is existence. The strong live and die, the weak survive.

When it is the result of a will to live, survival has value, but it is worth nothing by itself. Have you lived to be eighty, even though you’ve spent your whole life digging the ground for sweet roots so you won’t starve to death? Have you lived through two world wars? Quit your job to help your sick mother? Well,and? What does it matter that you survived if it didn’t teach you how to live? You managed to find food. That’s great. One day people will be too superficial to experience hunger. You survived the shots. Wonderful. But what chance do bullets have when there’s no heart to pierce through? You’ve taken care of others. How noble. What’s the point of an empty mechanical shell supporting the empty mechanical actions of another shell? It doesn’t matter how long a road goes on without an end goal. The arrow wouldn’t fly out of the bow if there was no target to hit or miss.

Surviving is important, but living is an absolute. Therefore, if there is a choice between the two, the living chooses the second one. Survival is not a priority for the overman not because it is unimportant, but simply because there are too many other things that are more important than it. The self, love, freedom, beauty, power, dignity, pride. When one of these is missing and cannot be found, life becomes existence and then the only worthy choice is death.

The weak man prides himself on being dependent on his needs. He uses his helplessness as a right over the goods of others. He survives. The strong man lives according to his desires. He has transcended his needs, and when he is brought low and forced to survive, it makes him even greater because he knows his goals. The overman lives until he realizes his essence, and then he dies. Ordinary people are so busy surviving that they miss their own funerals.

Survival is an instinct, but the individual is bound to overcome his instincts. Survival is not working fourteen-hour shifts in the mines to feed your children. Sometimes this is life. Survival is the inability to appreciate the earthly riches you have unearthed, mixed with the fading longing for the sunrise. Once time has stopped, all clocks lose their meaning. Once the void has set in, all action is fruitless.

Survival is the ultimate ability of mediocrity. Who has a more developed skill to survive – eagles or rats? The cockroaches or the tiger? When sometthing is incapable of living and is too superficial to die, there is nothing for it to do but survive.

The overman lives even at the cost of his life. The rest is survival.

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