There is no inanimate nature

Fire, water, air and earth. The four elements that have created all life forms we know. Yet mankind has found it reasonable to call the origin of life “inanimate”.

To speak of inanimate nature is absurd. Even on a purely intellectual level, the idea that life arose from processes in a dead environment is ludicrous. Uprooted trees do not bear fruit, dead deer do not give birth to fawns. The first microorganisms could never have come to be if everything in their world was dead.

Fire is life. It all begins with a huge flaming sphere millions of miles away from us – the sun. The sun, which in its genius has attracted the earth with perfect accuracy at the perfect distance for the world to exist as we know it. The sun whose love is the only one that has succeeded in building enough higher matter for the incarnation of souls. Its rays tirelessly cross the abyss of the impenetrable, seeking the eyes of the overman.

Fire is the foundation of human civilization. It is a passion and a force capable of scorching worlds. Fire is an essence and every living person carries fire within them.

Water is life.
Our world is water. Our planet, plants, animals, and even our own bodies. Water is everywhere. The power of the oceans, the delight of spring rain, the mysterious depths of caves, and the wrath of a black cloud. The crystalline surface of a lonely lake and the blood of the victors scattered among the salts of the sea. Water is an essence and every living person is an icy spring that flows into itself.

Air is life. The first breath of a newborn, the wind in the hair of the beloved, the furious gust of the monsoon. The air constantly reminds us that life is a great creation. And of all the atmospheres we know, this is the only one that has had the courage to harbor it. Air is an essence and every living person wraps their heart with the winds of the unexpected.

Earth is life. Every rock, every stone, every grain of sand. No one who has felt the warmth of earth between his fingers would call the soil inanimate. The earth is overflowing with grace – from the most fertile meadows to the barren deserts of ruin, the earth is always real and loving. The earth is an essence and every living person is a rock piercing the firmament.

And as if their perfection wasn’t enough, the elements of life have decided to work together, endeavoring for billions of years to build the most wonderful creation in the cosmos – the Earth.

Everything in the universe is alive and striving towards the ultimate goal – experiencing itself.

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