Unrequited love – one of the most wonderful experiences in the world

It is a commonly held opinion that unrequited love is a terrible thing. It is a source of hellish agony and senseless convulsions that nothing can cure. However, there are two small details. First, unrequited love does not exist. And second, it is perfect.

For the coward who invented this concept, and for all who have followed him, I explain – there is no such thing as unrequited love. Love is a relationship. It is a two-way exchange of energy and cannot take place any other way. Come to think of it, there’s probably a reason people don’t fall in love with walls.

Yes, the object of your affection may not love you in the same way. Yes, the other person may not feel the same way about you. Yes, you may mean less to him than he does to you. But are you willing to accept that the person you devote your every thought to doesn’t care about you at all? HA, I hardly think so.

When your soul wants to see another in its purest form, that is exactly what the desire in the other’s soul is. If you haven’t found it, you haven’t looked hard enough. When someone is special to you, you are also special to them. That is simply the way things are.

I should note here that this does not apply to unrequited patheticness. When you want to own someone like a porcelain teapot or drag yourself into someone’s feet, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be mutual. After all, mucous secretion is not within everyone’s capabilities, though many are getting better at it. If you imagine that you suffer because people refuse to tread on you or be tread on by you, it is not so. You are not suffering. You are simply idiots.

But let’s go back to unrequited love. I don’t understand what your problem is. It breaks your heart. It makes you agonize. It drives you crazy. What more could a man want?

And as if that wasn’t beautiful enough, unrequited love belongs solely to yourself. No one in the world can understand it. Not your friends, not your relatives, not even the one you are in love with. Few things are as romantic as being alone with your own love.

And if anyone still thinks that unrequited love is too heavy and overflowing with grief… Well, let them taste the shared one. Then we’ll talk again.

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