Let’s hope the Illuminati exist!

Let’s hope the Illuminati exist. Hopefully there is a worldwide conspiracy that aims to turn people into slaves. Hopefully behind the scene there are unscrupulous puppeteers who serve only their own interests. Because otherwise… all these things are the fault of humanity itself and it really is that stupid.

Two world wars. Inquisition. Christianity. Islam. Overpopulation. Environmental catastrophes. Communism. Fascism. Capitalism. Facebook. If people brought all this on themselves, what kind of idiots are they?

We often take these things for granted, but it’s only now that I realize just how monstrous these stories are. Someone had the ideas for them in the first place. Then millions have found a way to follow it up, develop the idea further, and turn it into a means of mass destruction (often physical, but always spiritual).

Have we on our own come to the conclusion that the most important thing in our lives is money and power, or is it someone who makes us believe this? I definitely prefer to think it’s the latter. Because if it took us 11,000 years of civilization to come to the wrong conclusion, how the hell long are we going to wait for the right one?


Did we give up feeling ourselves, or was that how we were trained? But if you think humans have replaced feelings with reason, you are mistaken. They have replaced it with apathy and lack of backbone. So now, if they have to choose, they can turn neither to their thoughts nor to their heart, but only to “what is generally accepted.”

Even if there are Illuminati, don’t be comforted – you are still guilty. I can’t judge them for wanting to rule the world, but I can judge you for letting them. The only positive thing about their existence is that there will be at least a few smart people on the planet.

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