Old age – a cherished goal or thoughtless postponement

Old age is often presented to us as a romantic end to life that we should all aspire to. In reality, however, it is the most horrible way to end one’s earthly journey.

Getting old is a disease. And there is no cure for it. The senses lose their clarity, the body grows weaker and weaker, wasting away with exhaustion, and the mind slows down with each passing day. Memories fade, days become endless repetition, the future ceases to exist. And in some cases this goes on for decades.

Fear of death has taught people to believe that it is right to prolong life, no matter how poor its quality, but if there is anything perverse in the world, it is to spend half your life dying.

Growing old takes away a person’s natural essence and turns them into a weak, helpless being. Where once there was greatness, only a shadow remains. To the youth, the universe is a vast expanse full of endless possibilities, but to the old man, it is only an unattainable mirage.

In the modern age, the struggle against aging is becoming more and more advanced, but even if one day we overcome physical old age, we will never overcome spiritual old age. Life wears itself out because it is uncompromising and demands only pure beauty. If you live too long, your time will pass and you will realize that although you are still here, your heart is stuck in the past.

Life is exciting as long as your goals are in front of you. While you fight for your dreams, run after flocks of alien birds, rediscover your talents, and kiss your reflection in your own tears. But when you achieve yourself and fulfill your mission, you must die to have lived with dignity and leave the world to those who come after you. No one should see his children’s hair turn white. And no one has to understand what the sunrise will bring after the greatest moment of his life. The end is a high, not a low.

There is only one justification for living beyond seventy – unrealized greatness. If that is what it takes for the individual to achieve himself, he will succeed in giving old age the highest image, becoming a wise and dignified individual who has found himself just when it was most right.

Man must follow his own path and remember that the step which brings him to his own absolute must be his last.

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