The inability to make a decision – the ultimate form of groveling

Life is a series of choices. Every breath brings new opportunities, every step takes us to another crossroad. Yet it is the power to make decisions that is one of the rarest of human abilities.

The right decisions are an absolute. They are self-fulfilling and a step up to the super-self. One right decision can contain the whole world. Man lives by his choices and the greatest feeling is to know that you have created your own destiny.

But most people never reach that feeling because they spend their existence in fear that they might be wrong. But wrong decisions deserve no less respect than right ones. They are the most important lessons we receive, and it is through these lessons that we gain the power to assert ourselves.

Whether it turns out that he was right or not, the individual must be able to choose. There is nothing more worthy than taking a stand. To choose one’s values, to determine what fits one’s being, to lead one’s battles, and to stay in them until the very end. And there’s nothing lower than spending your whole life in the middle. To squirm among the possibilities of the universe until your own weakness forces you to go somewhere.

The fact that an opportunity always eventually materializes often fools the weak into thinking they have made their choice. But that is not the case. If you are wondering whether or not to go abroad, if the decision is refused, you will stay here. But that doesn’t mean you have made an actual choice. It’s just that the status has been preserved because the act of choosing has not been performed. Not having the courage to divorce is not the same as choosing to stay married. Not wanting to be without children is not the same as wanting to have children. So virtually everything in the empty daily life of the ordinary person happens not because he has chosen it, but because he has refused to choose.

Choose and don’t back down from what you have chosen. This is the basic principle of the individual. And it is its choices that are the factor which determines the face of our existence.

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