The four zones of the spectrum

We all know that we live in a dual world. It is divided into good and evil, day and night, heat and cold, happiness and sorrow, etc. Generally speaking, there are two groups: light and dark.

What society fails to notice, however, is that there is another dichotomy that is no less important: superior and inferior. Some things in the world are caused by higher motives, strength of character, and desire for growth. Others are the fruit of weakness, indecision, and apathy.

The world can only be truly known if both divisions are taken into account. This is how the spectrum is actually divided into four quadrants or zones: the Superior Light, the Superior Dark, the Inferior Light, and the Inferior Dark.

Superior Light. In this quadrant belongs the good done by the strong and proud man whose generosity and valor spring from the depths of his soul. Here are such things as the sincere joy of life, concern for other human beings, love of family and country, etc. All of these things are powerful and compelling, though they stand on the more transparent and safe side of the sector.

Superior Dark. The pain of true love, the warfare in the name of unshakeable truth and destruction brought in the name of something new. All of these things are necessary and great and not “bad” simply because they are scarier. Darkness is power and determination, storms and chaos.

Inferior Light. The lower light spectrum encompasses things like weakness disguised as kindness, compassion that helps no one, and acceptance of decadence without resistance. The inferior light spectrum is not criticized by anyone because “these things do no harm.” But in fact, society imposes on the world to exist only in this quadrant and thus turns all humanity into worthless, willless beings.

Inferior Dark. Violence, extreme poverty, hunger, fear, etc. This zone is well known for its dominance throughout most of human history, but society has already renounced it. Currently this sector is not a global threat, it is only used as a weapon to make the world turn the other way.

People are constantly manipulated that the dark spectrum is only “bad” and the light spectrum is only “good”. The existence of the higher darkness is completely forgotten, while the lower light is presented as the only possible one. As a result, half of the world’s possibilities are erased from people’s minds and they are doomed to be slaves to base and shameful emotions and ideas. Absolutism advocates the equality of the light and dark sides of the spectrum and aims at the attainment of their higher dimensions.

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