“Avengers: Endgame” – Demographic and scientific absurdity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – That’s not how things work!! The ending of the avenging saga was not just thoughtless, it was totally ridiculous and far beyond any notion of unacceptability.

No one informs us exactly which part of humanity is extinct. Since there is no rule and random people are disappearing, this would quite possibly lead to a change in the world order. What if all of Asia disappeared? Or all of Europe? If one of the races were totally wiped out, or the sex ratio became seventy to thirty? And while it’s a bit naive to expect that exactly half of every country, sex, age, and race would disappear, it’s still possible, and they were bound to tell us. There are thousands of possibilities here, and they didn’t have to analyze them, but it’s disrespectful not to inform the audience which one has come to fruition and what the shape of the modern world is.

In that line of thought, if fifty percent of humanity were to suddenly go extinct, it would surely lead to the death of a much larger portion. Plane pilots vaporizing, nuclear power plants instantly devastated, thousands of doctors dead, some of them during surgery, millions of drivers, and newborns left parentless in the middle of the brutal chaos that has taken over the world. Not to mention the civil wars that will tear all continents apart due to the total breakdown of the power of governments and the vast amount of private property that will be subject to looting, in many cases forced, in order to survive. So how much humanity would actually be left after Thanos snaps? Three billion? Two? Certainly considerably less than half. But apparently it was more important to inform us that there were whales swimming in the harbors.

“Avengers: Endgame” began in an inadequate and unexplained setting, resting on an ill-considered premise. And things are only going to get worse from here.

“We need to time travel. That is impossible. Tony Stark will do it. He has confirmed it is impossible. Oops, it’s possible.” Really? Was that the plot? Tony Stark discovered time travel just like that, before he finished his dinner? I mean, it was something he could always do, but…he was busy making up jokes? It’s frighteningly unfortunate that someone would settle for a storyline like that. Would it have been so hard to insert a brief scene where Tony is in his eighties and after decades of hard work manages to discover how to time travel? In some aspects it would be even more monstrous, but at least there’s a rudimentary realism.

Apparently the whole time travel idea existed solely so we could humiliate all the decent scenes and characters from the previous films. But that was only one of the problems, because the main storyline was totally devoid of meaning. The whole idea of the movie rested on Thanos deciding to go to the future and destroy Earth so the losers could not steal his stones. But the problem is that Thanos has absolutely no motivation to do this.

You’re Thanos and you see a future where you’ve won with absolute certainty, wiped out half the living universe and destroyed the stones before they kill you. Why would you want to change that? Thanos is willing to sacrifice his life for the cause and therefore this future is his dream. By staying in the past, he ensures his victory as his actions determine the future, not the other way around.

The film was full of little absurdities like Thor’s unwarranted nervous breakdown or the fact that the idea of nobody and nobody going to Vormir seemed like a good plan to everyone. But nothing compares to the monstrously idiotic idea that if you bring half the population back to Earth, you’ll save the world.

There is only one thing more destructive than wiping out half of humanity – reviving half of humanity. Sansa Stark had to come out of somewhere here and ask “What the hell are all these people going to eat?”.

Economically speaking, this is complete nonsense. To bring back three and a half billion people in an instant would mean the end of our species. Within a few years, manufacturing will have adapted to much smaller needs and the shape of the world will be completely different. As we have already established, humanity will be about two billion, which means that it will increase sharply by one hundred and seventy-five percent. I wish them good luck. There will be no food, no homes, no anything else for those who suddenly appear. If they all return to their original location, it means thousands will die as soon as they appear, falling from rooftops that are no longer there. Elderly men and women whose partners have died will return only to writhe, unable to live or die. Random babies will sprout in meadows with no one knowing whose they are. Billions of hungry mouths with no one to feed them. At the same time, animals and plants will grow by the same proportion, causing countless ecosystem catastrophes. Compared to the apocalypse that such an act would bring, Thanos’ snap is child’s play.

Tony Stark once again tried to destroy us and this time he succeeded. When he used the stones, he basically said that if thirteen million refugees invaded Bulgaria tomorrow, we would all live happily ever after.

The Avengers refused to think and allowed their stupidity to kill humanity. But luckily for them, everyone else is doing the same.

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