Avengers: Infinity War – Thanos vs Overpopulation

Once again, Marvel Studios has offered us a fun and cute action film that killed humanity. This time, however, all records for stupidity were also broken.

We begin with Thor’s ship.
Everyone’s dead, but somehow all along the Hulk has remained hidden and no one suspects he is on the ship. For some reason, Loki has been replaced and is acting completely inadequate. He wouldn’t give up the bluestone that easily, nor would he try to stab Thanos with a dagger. These actions don’t fit Loki’s nature and the scenes were ridiculously stupid. On the other hand, Thor is left lying in an exploding ship, and then the explosion blasts him into space for an indefinite amount of time, but in the end, he is alive and untouched. And on top of that, he decides to fight for the future of Earth. This is absurd. Everyone he has ever loved is dead. Asgard is gone. The people of Asgard have been slaughtered before his eyes. Thor has no reason to continue. He should have died on that ship with his brother. That is the only correct course of events. It is ridiculous to pretend he cares about half the population of the universe when he has nothing left in this universe.

We go to Earth, where Tony Stark wonders if it’s right to call Captain America, or if it’s better to let the world die since the two of them aren’t talking. While he resolves this weighty dilemma, we can take a glimpse at the main storyline.

Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

This story is frankly stupid. Thanos has been destroying worlds for decades, but suddenly decides he’s going to find the stones right now. He should have been looking for them for a long time and already found at least half of them. You can’t search for the most precious thing in the world for years and finally find all six within two days. Besides, it’s more than obvious that he doesn’t need all the stones to wipe out half the universe. Just the purple and the red ones are quite enough.

Thanos wants to wipe out half the population of every single planet in space. Then why are only earthlings fighting him? All the alien races we’ve seen so far should send their armies for the final battle. It makes sense that once one being wants to destroy everything else, the whole world unites to stop it. I don’t think the universe consists only of Tony Stark, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ridiculous.

But as the plot developed, it turned out that the nonsense was just beginning.

The battle is completely unbalanced throughout the entire time. It was clear from the start that Thanos had to win. In all the clashes, he didn’t use the stones properly, just so we could prolong the fight artificially and pretend that “our side” had the upper hand. A superbeing with power over space and reality versus a robot and a few humans with swords and guns. A truly equal conflict. Only Doctor Strange could be a worthy opponent, since with his abilities to control reality and space, and given that he carried the green stone within him, he effectively had three stones. So with the help of the others, I could assume they’d be able to slow Thanos down even though he had four. But the idea of defeating him is absurd. The ending was even more ridiculous when Thanos, now in possession of all the stones, decided to stop the axe flying towards his body with… a laser. He could turn back time, he could turn the axe into a butterfly, or he could make himself transparent. Instead, Thanos said, “I’ll shoot light and wait for it to hit me.” Naturally.

For no reason whatsoever, Thanos always let those he defeated live. That way they could come back and attack him again. He hadn’t even killed the giant dwarf, the only creature that could create a weapon capable of killing Thanos. Either Thanos was an idiot or the writers were. And since it is not the first one…

Did we really find the Soul Stone halfway through the movie and leave the one in Vision’s head for last? What a crock! We didn’t get an explanation of how Gamora found it, and while we were shown the stone, again we weren’t shown what its powers were. Of course, when he went to Vormir, Thanos accidentally took Gamora with him, the only key in the entire universe that could open the door to the Soul Stone.

Thanos was said to be the most powerful creature in the world. However, as we have seen, this is not the case. For there is something in the universe that is more powerful even than he. Thanos’ gauntlet. The most powerful forces in the universe, controlling every aspect of it, depended on one gauntlet. It was the height of idiocy that Thanos wielded magic with his fingers, not his mind, and that it was enough to simply remove the stones from his hand to take away all his power.

Why did Doctor Strange give the green stone to Thanos? He doesn’t care about Stark and has made a sacred vow to protect the stone. Strange betrayed his greatest value and doomed humanity to death, risking half the people he knows dying to save a nobody. This definitely made his candidacy for the supreme enemy of humanity one of the strongest.

Why did we keep Vision alive? Gamora was willing to die to save the world. We pretended that Vision was too. Then why didn’t we just kill him? There is no explanation. Yes, slimy heroes always want to protect everyone, but for Vision to survive, hundreds of people had to die, and he doesn’t even belong to our species.

Thanos’ warriors were pathetic and boring. Good thing it was Mao to stir things up. With his wonderful skills and charming ability to squirm, he managed to win my approval.

There were only two clever things about this movie – the ending and Thanos’ philosophy.

Thanos knew overpopulation was a problem. He had come to send a simple message – “You didn’t think to stop giving birth, so half of you must die.” Only Thanos could choose between individual love and the universe, for only he deserved to face such a great choice. Thanos was cruel and unscrupulous, but contrary to the illusions everyone else believed, every goal has a price. And to achieve his, he lost everything. Thanos walked his path and restored the balance of the universe, making him worthy of respect. He wasn’t obsessed with fantasies, but sought to solve a very real problem for Earth by reminding it that man reproduces by aiming for quality, not quantity. And last but not least, he killed Vision. Humanity will always be grateful to him for that.

And here we are at the finale. The villain has finally won. It was about time for once that the outcome of the battle was different. Despite artificially delaying his triumph, Thanos still got his way. But I have to ask. Was it really a literal snap of the fingers? It’s just… not serious. And the drama with the characters falling apart is so artificial. We all know you’re going to revive them. After all, the mediocre ones are too superficial to experience true loss.

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