The age of technological progress is over

The rise of science. A revolution in technology. An age of technological progress. Society constantly reassures us that we are at this stage, but in fact it is long gone.

The technology boom is not in the twenty-first century. This is the point that brings it to an end. The invention of the wheel, the mill, the steam locomotive, the smallpox vaccine, the car, the airplane, the telephone, the camera, the cinema. The discovery of gravity, of America, of electricity. The creation of the Periodic table. There is total genius in these things. They are a result of the will and ability of the individual. They are perfection. But the most recent among them were created a hundred years ago.

Nowadays, technologies are divided into three types.

  1. Pretense and counterbalancing
    This category is for any “excellence” of science that actually counterbalances its own misery. A method to cure AIDS. This will never be a form of progress, since AIDS is a lab-created virus to begin with. And since it wasn’t supposed to exist in the first place, the fact that someone will fix it two hundred years later is of no value.

    This is where the pretense that certain things have not yet been invented comes in, even though they have been around for decades. For example, like a car that runs on water or a way to cure cancer. One day these inventions will just appear out of nowhere in the most hypocritical and immoral way as it will be profitable for the world economy.
  2. Misery and nothingness

    Here are all the adorable and useful things like selfie sticks, spinners, and super-thin phones and condoms. Makes one wonder which to admire more first. Inventing the telephone is progress. Inventing the cell phone is also progress. But to change its shape and colour over and over again is just… sad.
  3. Weapons of spiritual death

    Undoubtedly, the only sector in science that is developing headlong these days. Artificial intelligence, aiming to destroy the natural one. Cameras recognizing the faces of the living. Human children, created in test tubes to suit the tastes of mediocrity. Disease-causing perversions are everywhere. And while the very fact that something that was previously impossible is now achievable is a positive, the realization of these possibilities is monstrous. The question before man is not “What can I do?” He can do anything. The question before him is “What do I want?” Modern technology is poison to human nature and before you get too excited about it remember the fundamental premise in life – nothing can survive by going against its own nature.

    Yes, the age of technological advancement is long over. Until recently, we witnessed the Age of Mediocrity and Self-Destruction. But its end has also come. Now is the Age of Absolutism.

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