What did we learn from postmodernism?

Due to the emergence of Absolutism, the age of postmodernism is now coming to an end. It is therefore time to summarize what we have learned from it.

The first and most important lesson of postmodernism is that humans have physiological needs. Whereas previous eras were content with the minor exploration of man’s mental and emotional world, nowadays for the first time the emphasis is on going to the toilet. Yes, it is true. People pee, poop, and vomit. Whether such a phenomenon needs to be reflected in tons of paper and thousands of hours of screen time remains debatable, but it’s still an important life lesson everyone should learn.

Pitiful screwing completely defines the behavior of every person on the planet. Despite trying to pretend that postmodernism pays close attention to eroticism and sex, it actually doesn’t. Instead, there is a sordid and low-level fusion of two or more balls of slime that dissolve into a gooey mist. And, of course, everyone lives for that feeling.

It doesn’t take talent to be an artist. With the postmodern product, talentlessness and mediocre ideas are on a pedestal. Talent only complicates things unnecessarily and makes so-called art harder to understand for the mass public. Why have beautiful paintings when you can put up a black square or just a hideous spud? Why would anyone bother building perfect sculptures out of white marble when it’s far simpler to advertise a pile of garbage?

Art doesn’t need meaning. On the contrary. Meaning is not only unnecessary but highly undesirable. Storyline, characters, original idea, motives, true feelings, deep thoughts. All this is just an annoying obstacle for the modern viewer who wants to let loose and be entertained.

The man is a pathetic cockroach. A victim of circumstance, a superficial lich, a simpleton, a characterless wretch. All the heroes of postmodernism are completely artificial and utterly empty. Emptiness with sugar coating – this is the main course of modernity.

Feelings are never deep. Emotions are fun, curious little phenomenons that diversify everyday life, but nothing more. The man cannot own his world , and the closest thing to love he has ever felt is the fact that he has remembered what coffee the neighbor is drinking.

Thoughts cannot transcend the subjects of grey everyday life. Conversations always revolve around which burger tastes better and what nonsense the neighborhood idiot said after getting high on weed. Apparently, nothing else needs to be said.

Postmodernism has taught us to have no values. It has left us without pride, without dignity, without humanity. And it showed us how to deny it all while chuckling into oblivion.

And all these lessons must be remembered so that we know what the face of those who would destroy us looks like.

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