The Spiritual Revolution is here!

The Spiritual Revolution is here!


The spiritual revolution is here,

we come with a spear

against society’s fear.

Beware, we are near.


We are the Architect and the Queen.

We need warriors – a whole team

to destroy the routine.

That’s right, we are mean.


The system tells you: you are junk,

obey, surrender, turn into a punk,

stay away from the sacred chunk

which the Marmot guards with a trunk.


 Life is a wreck

but don’t go back.

They say there is no white or black.

What the heck?


Life is blah, life is yey.

Be straight, be gay.

Life is a hole but hey,

laugh, sing and play.


Love is not a carrot, nor a stain.

You will have to use your brain.

Love will make you go insane

but it’ll help you break any chain.


He is awesome and he’s a man,

he comes from the Atlantis clan,

he has a Revolution plan.

Who is he? The Overman.


If you look for the light

and if you’re brave enough to fight

you will gather all your might

and the future will bright.

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